Meet The Meta Daisies

People say rock is dead – they couldn’t be more wrong. The Meta Daisies are here to ensure it lives forever, on earth and in the metaverse.

The Meta Daisies are the digital offspring of The Dead Daisies – a global phenomenon comprised of rock legends from Deep Purple, Whitesnake and Dio. Their mission? To keep rock alive and to bring that epic music and energy to future generations. The Meta Daisies understand the true legacy of rock, and they’re on a quest to unleash its power to a new audience in the metaverse.

With the soaring vocals of Healer, enormous riffs from lead guitarist Viper, roaring rhythm guitar from Aviator, and the stomping drums of Beatz, The Meta Daisies are an exciting hard-rocking band that is boldly going where no rock band has ever gone before. Created from the greatest rock icons, The Meta Daisies’ unique skills and traits give them the upper hand on their mission.

Healer is the bringer of light, healing and soothing the souls of listeners with his vocal prowess. The brains of Daisyland, Viper is an axe-wielding, heavy shredding genius. Aviator is the charismatic leader of the band, who is never seen without his iconic shades, while Beatz is a loyal friend and the loudest drummer in the land.

Who brought the band together? That would be their guardian, Daisy, heiress of the underworld and one of the most powerful beings in the metaverse. Her connection to The Meta Daisies is eternal, just like the music they’re rocking out to. Daisy joins the band for their first meta cinematic, ‘Radiance’ which takes a trip to the parallel world, and the band’s home in the metaverse, Daisyland.

Together with Daisy as their guardian, The Meta Daisies are igniting rock music for Gen Z.

Stay tuned, we will reveal this brand new, innovative project on June 2nd. An introduction to the world’s first metaverse rock band awaits – keep your eyes peeled!