Together with Daisy as their guardian, The Meta Daisies are igniting rock music for Gen Z.

The Meta Daisies are the digital offspring of The Dead Daisies – a global phenomenon comprised of rock legends from Deep Purple, Whitesnake and Dio. Their mission? To keep rock alive and bring that epic music and energy to future generations. The Meta Daisies understand the true legacy of rock, and they’re on a quest to unleash its power to a new audience in the metaverse.

About The Meta Daisies and their guardian, Daisy

People say rock is dead – they couldn’t be more wrong. The Meta Daisies are here to ensure it lives forever, on earth and in the metaverse.

With the soaring vocals of Healer, enormous riffs from lead guitarist Viper, roaring rhythm guitar from Aviator, and the stomping drums of Beatz, The Meta Daisies are an exciting hard-rocking band that is boldly going where no rock band has ever gone before. Created from the greatest rock icons, The Meta Daisies’ unique skills and traits give them the upper hand on their mission. 

Healer is the bringer of light, healing and soothing the souls of listeners with his vocal prowess. The brains of Daisyland, Viper is an axe-wielding, heavy shredding genius. Aviator is the charismatic leader of the band, who is never seen without his iconic shades, while Beatz is a loyal friend and the loudest drummer in the land.

Who brought the band together? That would be their guardian, Daisy, heiress of the underworld and one of the most powerful beings in the metaverse. Her connection to The Meta Daisies is eternal, just like the music they’re rocking out to. Daisy joins the band for their first meta cinematic, ‘Radiance’ which takes a trip to the parallel world, and the band’s home in the metaverse, Daisyland. 

Together with Daisy as their guardian, The Meta Daisies are igniting rock music for Gen Z.

In a parallel world, Daisy, the time-travelling, shapeshifting heiress to the underworld, walks through deserted city streets fixated on her cell phone. She passes a holographic event of The Meta Daisies performing, and, as their guardian, is exhilarated to see they are on a mission, as pioneers in the metaverse, to preserve the legacy of rock now and in the future. She turns and is mesmerized by a bright light in the distance…

Drawn by the light, Daisy time travels, seeking the source of this mysterious energy, and finds herself deep in a dark forest where she discovers a castle with a secret tunnel to an underground vault. Attracted to a small red music box, she opens it and unleashes an ‘orb’ radiating energy, which she then follows into the underworld.  

Holding court, Daisy watches over The Meta Daisies rockin’ out. Inspired by her passion for rock music she can’t resist dancing and gets lost in a euphoric state. She reaches out and touches an angel, causing an epic explosion that propels Daisy back up to the city, where she joins the light and ascends to the next meta dimension. 

The meta-cinematic for ‘Radience’ premiered on 2nd June on VentureBeat and has had over 130 thousand views to date.

Rock music is indeed alive and well.

Avakin Life Listening Party

June 2022 marked the moment when The Meta Daisies began their global metaverse tour, starting in one of the world’s most established metaverses – Avakin Life. In a world-first, the band hosted a virtual listening party on the platform for its recently released debut single, ‘Radiance’. The listening party was a huge success, with an incredible 1.1million visits to the space from 775 thousand unique players, in just eight days.

Metaverse agnostic, The Meta Daisies will tour the different virtual worlds. Watch this space for more news on future metaverse appearances, including live shows and more!

The Meta Daisies first NFTs Launched

The launch of The Meta Daisies NFTs was the next step for the meta-band. Partnering with revolutionary new platform Tellie, The Meta Daisies’ Community Token NFT not only exists as a limited-run piece of digital art for fans to collect, but it also provides utility, unlocking free merchandise and perks for new and existing fans.

Collaborating with platforms that share their values is incredibly important to The Meta Daisies. When selecting an NFT partner, it was key for the band to collaborate with a team dedicated to practical tokens that have a low barrier of entry and can truly reward their new and existing fanbases. 

This NFT is a piece of art related to the bands’ debut meta cinematic (video) that fans purchased as a keepsake; it did, simultaneously, give them access to exclusive band content and free merchandise. 

The initial drop of 100 NFTs sold out in just five days.

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